Girls sleep over

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One night a girl asked 4 other girls to go to her sleep over. they all said yes. That night she got some ice cream and cookies for everybody. The girl have never known her and they were new to town. They looked in the house window and could see her journal. They silently opened the window and read inside it. It read: Tonight I invited some retarded new girls and im going to try to suffercate them with my pillow. I just cant stand new girls that think thier cool. i brought cookies and milk to push cookies in thier mouth and milk until thier mouth is about to burst. I'm going to tape thier mouths so they with choke and maybe even die. I'm hoping it will work out. I'll dump them in the pond next to the house and say they died because they got drunk. - Hally

The girls ran home screaming and crying.


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CFMLE_Girls sleep over

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