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Turkish Hospitality

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A young man in Turkey is living in his one bedroom flat with his two wives when a friend of his comes to stay for the night.

The man asks his wives to prepare a bed for his friend for the night and they all go to sleep.

After a time, the man's first wife says to him, "Let's make love!"

The man replies, "But, my friend is sleeping in the bed right next to us!"

The first wife says, "I'll go and open up the refrigerator and get a glass of water. If your friend doesn't stir, then we'll know it is safe to have sex."

So the first wife gets up and gets a glass of water. After making a bit of noise, the friend doesn't seem to notice.

They have sex.

After a time, the man's second wife says, "Now it's my turn!"

The man replies, "Ah, but my friend will surely awake this time!"

The wife says, "I'll go get another glass of water from the refrigerator. If he wakes up, we'll know it isn't safe."

The second wife gets up and gets a glass of water. After making a bit of noise, the friend still doesn't stir.

They have sex.

In the morning, the man asks his friend "Did you sleep well last night?"

The friend responds, "Yes, thank you. I was a little bit thirsty though..."

The man offers, "Oh, you could have gotten a glass of water out of the refrigerator."

To which the friend responds, "Well, I was thinking about it, but anyone who went to the refrigerator last night you screwed for an hour!"


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