how to use a condom?

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A sixteen year old has an amazing hot sexy Whistle whistle kinda girlfriend and she fianly tells him what every guy wants to hear: LETS DO IT!!! Well the kid is freakin out because he doesnt know anything about sex, at all!!! She says that the next day after school in her house they will do it! So the kid leaves the house and decides to go find out info. At first he thought on askin his mom but then he thought that it would be wierd. He thought on asking his older sister, but then he thought that she was a fat pig and she wouldnt no anything about sex. So he thought about asking a prostitute. He walked up to a prostitute and for fifty dollars, she teaches everything about sex. When they begin talking about condoms, she gets nervous becasue she thinks he wont understand. She grabs one of her condoms, puts it on her thumb and tells him if he understands. He looks, and finaly smiles and and says that he kinda understands. Both beggin to laugh and on the spur of the moment the have sex for a good half an hour as his little "sex exam". When they finaly finish she asks him if he remebered to put on his condom. He smiles and holds up his thumb!


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CFCKT_how to use a condom?

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