What does that mean daddy?

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One day a father and child were driving in a car. all of a sudden the father saw the police and said "bastard". Curious, the little boy asks his daddy "what does bastard mean?" the father replies "shh, if you're mother hears you... it is another word for a police-man". when they arrived home the gather almost slipped on the mat on the way in. he shouts "shit". Curious, the young boy asks "Daddy, what does shit mean?". "shh if your mother hears you... it is another word for a mat". then the little boy runs into the kitchen where his mother is cooking the chicken when she takes the chicken out of the oven she burns herself. "cunt" she said. once again the young boy was curious of what this word means, so he asks. "mammy what does cunt mean". "shh if your father hears you... it is another word for chicken. then he skips merrily into the bathroom where his father is shaving his beard. his father and cuts himself, he says "bollix". the young boy asks "what does bollix mean daddy?" "shh if your mother heard ya, its another name for a beard". then the doorbell rings the little answers the door to find there is a police man there. he says "ah howya bastard, come in and wipe your feet on the shit, me mothers in cooking her cunt and me fathers in shaving his bollix!"


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