Do's and Don'ts for Guys

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Do hug her: when she's sad, mad, and just because you love her! Do kiss her: softly, french, passionatly, for same reasons as above. Do say "I love you" often, we tend to need reminders from time to time. Do bring her flowers for no reason except that you were thinking of her. Do call randomly just to say "Hi" it makes her feel special. Do tickle her even when she says stop. Do look into her eyes when you tell her "I love you" ....and mean it. Do complement her often.

Don't spend all or most of your time talking to your (or her) friends when she's with you. Don't compare her to your ex girlfriend. Don't talk about your ex girlfriend often, it may make her jealous. Don't ignore her when she's talking about something important. Don't put her down. Don't ever lie to her. Don't cheat on her.

not really funny, just some things guys tend to forget!


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CFC1T_Do's and Don'ts for Guys

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