But I Did See Candy

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This is a true story. My Aunt Beth, two sisters(one older, one younger), and I were at Forida at Walt Disney World and because it is so big and we were thirsty we went and had a bath room brake and some waters.When I exited the (girls)bathroom I heard a mother yelling at her three year old son saying, "That was not candy, I am just gld you didn't eat it!" The son said, "But Mom, I did see candy in the girls bath room!" I quickly walked away and laughed for a whole two min. I laughed at the cute little munchkin for mistakeing the tampon dispencer as a candy dispencer! I later told my aunt and sisters and we all laughed.Now when ever I am down in the dumps I always remember that little boy. You can do it to. Have a laugh once in a while!


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