Buddy, you better pray to Buddha

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A skydiving student had taken all of the lessons on the ground. He had learned how to pack his own chute and when to jump and how to fall and how to land. He was ready for his first freefall.

He got on the plane with his instructor and the pilot took off. As the plane climbed the student asked the question that had been bothering him for sometime. He said, "Ok, you've taught me just about everything there is to know about skydiving, but there's one question I have to ask. I know that if I pull the ripcord and nothing happens I pull the emergency cord. But, what do I do if that fails?"

The instructor looked at the student and said in a very matter of fact tone, "In that case, you better pray to Buddha."

Well, the time came, and out the door the student went. He fell blissfully for awhile and then he pulled the ripcord. Nothing happened. Not worrying, he pulled the emergency cord. Nothing happened. At that point he clapped his hands together in prayer and screamed, "Buddha help me! Buddha help me!"

Instantly a huge hand came out of the sky and gently scooped him out of the air. Then it set him gently on the ground.

The man instantly fell to his knees and, before the hand could disappear back to where it had come from the man said, "Thank God!"

And the hand squished him flat.


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