3 guys in hell

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A white guy, mexican, and a black guy died and went to hell. When they got there, the devil gave them a proposition. The devil said, "If you can make it up 100 steps with out popping a boner, I'll let you go back to Earth and live your life. The only catch is that the walls surrounding the 100 steps is filled with naked women and if you pop a boner, I will melt your dicks off with my hand." So the white guy makes it up 21 steps, pops a boner, and the devil melts his dick off. The mexican made it up 59 steps, popped a boner, and the devil melted his dick off. The black guy made it up 99 steps, popped a boner, and the devil is trying to melt his dick off with his hand. The black guy replies, "You dumbass, don't you know chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand?"


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CF2GY_3 guys in hell

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