There's Something Up Your Nose

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A priest who just recently found out that he was deaf in his right ear starts to begin hearing funny voices.

*Please pick up the hose*

He heads to the doctor and hears it again.

*Please pick up the hose*

He gets to the doctor explains he is hearing voices but cant quite make out what they say and he replies for him to see him in 2 days.

2 days passes and he repeatively hears the voices.

*Please pick up the hose*

He then heads towards the doctor's office and see's some panty hose laying on the ground with something that appears to be a letter in it.

He then she's a very beautiful woman who rips off her clothes. She then tells the man to screw her. He looks at both the panty hose and the woman starts to head to towards the woman.

He gets right in front of her, drops his pants, and starts to have sex with her nose. The woman then tells him that she has AIDS.

Then the voice gets really angry and shows himself to be God. God asks the man why didn't you *Please pick up the hose* The man replies oh I thought you said *Put prick up her nose*


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CF10A_There's Something Up Your Nose

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