5 things I hate with moral :D

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1.when A guy walks across the bar going "Hey dude wanna come home with me?"(NEVER let your mom do your hair when your over 21!!!!) 2.when england calls a addict or a fat guy "ill" last time i checked I'm fat and addicted to starcraft and when i got hooked IT WAS A F!@$ing choice not some fat guy or nerd sneezed on my and i got the same thing they have(It's a choice england not a case of hospital care or oppointments) 3.When people ask how did they die when it's obvious(She's 104 and fat what do you think) 4.when someone tries to read porno next to you(Get a damn room man) 5.when you spill buttermilk ranch on the table with a bag of those little Carlic Bread Cubes go get you paper towels come back and see some one you look at the white stuff paper towel dark room (For some)and goes "GTFO of my room"(Find the croutans you shithead)


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CEU6P_5 things I hate with moral :D

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