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Why are blonde jokes so short? So brunettes can remember them!

What are vampires afraid of? Biting their lips

In Alaska, if you're blind, you don't have to pay for your hunting license, you also don't have to go through the safety course. So, blind guy, in the woods, with a gun... is there something wrong here??

The new sayings under SoBe's caps... "Ice Cold Crickets"??? What ever happened to "SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE LIZARD"??

THE MOST FUN YOU CAN HAVE WAITING IN WALMART: Find one or more families that have the women in long skirts and bonnets with about 8 or more kids (usually mormon) and put the jumbo sized condoms in their cart. If you think its funny with an average family, any family that isn't allowed to use them its HILARIOUS!!

How to scare any guy to the point of almost wetting his pants: "I'm late"

Theres only one thing worse than getting your period... Missing it!

Thank you, you've been a very quiet audience!!


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