The Witch Doctor

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A couple goes to Hawaii on their honeymoon. After the first night of passionate lovemaking, he goes into the shower. His bride hears his frightened screams and rushes to see what the matter was. He points to his penis which has turned completely green.

They rush out and go to the local hospital. The doctor who examines him has bad news. "You have a serious disease and we must amputate your penis." The couple can not accept this diagnosis and the doctor tells them that they can get a second opinion. They get a second, third and fourth opinion but all the doctors have the same diagnosis.

They return to the hotel looking quite devastated. The desk clerk asks them if there is a problem and they tell him their sad story. He tells them that he knows of a witch doctor that lives on the island and has cured many people with strange diseases. Why not give him a shot? The couple agrees.

They meet with the witch doctor and tell him what has happened and about the other doctors. The witch doctor asks the man to show him his penis. When he is finished examining him the witch doctor tells him "Don't worry about it, we don't have to amputate" The couple breathe a sigh of relief. The witch doctor goes on "Sure, two or three days the thing will fall off by itself"


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