5 things to think about

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1.why do we kissass to people that treat us like shit

2.. how smart are we realywe think were smart and then we figure out that 52% of americans dont know theres 50 states in the u.s

3.kids beg the hell out of you for money but when they get it and want something they dont want to use there mony they want to use yours.

4.schools need tamoney dut yet there food costs twice as much as fast food were does that money go

and top thing to think about

5.people now give viruss if you dont do what they want you to so what if you got a virus for not voting at all and for not voting a 10 it makes you wonder if i rigged it.(you could just vote 10 and make sure you dont get a virus on your computer)i would if i were you.hahahaha.or is this just i joke i find it pretty dang amusing


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