Three people and a Plane

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Three men;Joe, Bob, and Henry, buy tickets to a plane and get on it.Joe got bored and dropped a penny out the window.Bob also gets bored but he drops a quater out the window.Henry gets bored also but he throws a greniade out the window.

The plane lands the they get off.Joe starts walking down the road and sees a girl crying and asks her,"Why are you sad little girl?". She says,"Because a penny fell from the sky and killed my brother.

Bob leaves the plane and walks down the road and sees two kids crying."Why are you crying kids?" he asks them."Because a quater fell from the sky and kill our mom!" The kids replied.

Henry walks down the road and sees two kids laughing."Why are you laughing kids?" Henrey asks them."Because our daddy farted and blew up the house!" the replied.


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CEQ2H_Three people and a Plane

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