Huge Buildings, Little Time

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The Philippines is usually slow on constructing buildings, so a carpenter decided to see their quality.

He hopped unto a cab. He saw a beautiful garden and said to the driver "How much time did you Filipinoes finished this garden?" "About 1 year." "In America, we do it for only half a year"

Next, the carpenter saw a beautiful bridge. "How much time did you spent here?" "About 2 years." "Ah, in America, it only takes a year."

The driver is being pissed off. Next, the carpenter saw a huge skyscraper. "Wow! What is that and how much time did you spent to build this?" "About 3 years." "Okay, in America it only takes us 2 years."

The driver is frustrated. The carpenter finally saw a very tall building. "What the heck is that and how much time did it took you to build that?!" The annoyed driver answered "That's the megamall and it took us... WHAT THE HECK IT WAS NOT THERE A MINUTE AGO!"


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CEBZG_Huge Buildings, Little Time

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