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Bob had been waiting in line for a ride at an amusement park and when there is one seat left for him to go on, he is stopped and another man is wheeled up in a wheelchair. Bob asks "Hey, what's gong on?" and the person in the wheelchair tells him "Well, I'm handicapped. I go through the express lines and that's my seat, so get out of the way!"

Bob thinks for a second, then replies "Alright, I'll let you go through if you admit that I'm better than you in every way and I'm superior to you." The man in the wheelchair shouts "NO, THAT'S A LIE! I AM EQUAL TO YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE!!"

After the man finishes talking, Bob asks him "So you're equal to me?" to which the man replies "OF COURSE I AM!"

Bob tells him "Oh... THEN GET IF YOU'RE EQUAL TO ME, GET YOUR ASS TO THE BACK OF THE LINE AND WAIT LIKE WE ALL HAD TO!!" and kicks him down the stairs.

Idea of this joke was from Carlos Mencia on No Strings Attached.


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