It's The Plummer!

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One day a women finds her toilet broken so she calls a plummer. The plummer says he will be there at 9:00 am the next morning. The women agrees and hangs up. So the next morning at 8:30 the women goes over to her neighbors house for tea. At 9:00 she's still there. So the plummer comes and knocks on the door. Her parrot who is trained to say' "who is it" so the women knows who's there. The parrot yells, "Who is it?". The plummer says, "it's the plummer!". At this point the women is usually at the door, so the parrot figures she didn't hear, so again The parrot yells, "Who is it?". the plummer says, "it's the plummer!". And again; The parrot yells, "Who is it?". The plummer says, "it's the plummer!". This goes on for 10 more minutes. The plummer is so mad he faints. Then at 9:15 the women realizes she's 15 minutes late to meet the plummer! So she runs to her house and finds a fainted man on her door step! She yells "Oh my gosh! Who is it?" And the parrot yells; IT'S THE PLUMMER!!!


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CDQPK_It's The Plummer!

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