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I know you

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A guy is in a queue at the supermarket when he notices that the rather dishy blonde behind him has just raised her hand and smiled hello to him. He is rather taken aback that such a looker would be waving to him, and, although familiar, he can't place where he might know her from, so he says "sorry, do you know me?"

She replies " I may be mistaken, but I thought you might be the father of one of my children".

His mind shoots back to the one and only time he had been unfaithful.

"Christ" he says. "Are you that stripogram on my stag night that I shagged on the snooker table in front of all my mates whilst your mate whipped me with some wet celery and stuck a cucumber up my arse?

"No" she replies, "I'm your son's English teacher."


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categories: men, women, relationships sex, sexuality





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+2 thumb down thumb up
by George G. 1+ years ago


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by Jordan V. 1+ years ago

This was a commercial! the juice one...

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by the notorious C.C.T. 1+ years ago

fuckin speak english!!! damn. i couldn't understand half this shit.

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by Yue T. 1+ years ago

lol =D

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+2 thumb down thumb up
by mary7ann g. 1+ years ago

That is soooo funny I think it was really cool!!!!

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[below viewing threshold, show comment] -12 thumb down thumb up
by Samantha A. 1+ years ago

its kinda stupid

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+3 thumb down thumb up
by chris w. 1+ years ago

omg! that is way to funny!!!

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+3 thumb down thumb up
by tori l. 1+ years ago


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CDQLG_I know you

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