Telemarketer Fun

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Note: say one of these reasons with conviction each time a solicitor calls, and hang up, or you can just not pick it up (of course, these are more fun).

1. Hello. I am sorry, but I don’t want to answer right now, so leave a message, even though I don’t want to hear it. Say what you’re selling and I will hang up. Please don’t call again! [to be said in a cheerful voice]

2. Hey, wats up? Oh, yer selling stuff. Ach, nah, ah don’t want nothin’, thanks.

3. Oh, I’m sorry, but they’re not home. I’m just the babysitter.

4. Hi. What you want? Mommy in shower. Bye! [to be said like you are a 4 yr. old]


6. Ughhh… what? No, no thanks. [to be said like you were just woken up]

7. I can’t hear you! Hey, what kind of music do you like? this kind? [blast music in the phone] [leave music for several minutes, and then stop. If they’ve hung up, then the fun is over. If they’re still on, say “Don’t you like my new C D?”]

8. Why are you calling me? --- (listen to what they have to say) Have you ever considered getting… mental help? Are you sure you have pure motives? You should question yourself deeply. Maybe then you will realize how important the truth is. You know you don’t want to sell this to me!

9. Leave me alone!

10. Has anyone ever asked you if you like your job? I don’t need to. I can tell you hate it.

11. Why are you so mean?

12. Don’t you know that the phone bill is expensive? Stop calling!

13. I don’t want to talk to you.

14. I HATE telemarkteters! However, you’re not a telemarketer, are you? Good, because if you were then… I would feel sorry for you. 15. I DON’T WANT TO LISTEN< I WONT LISTEN< GOOD BYE!!!


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