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-You can't cheat in her class because no one knows the answers.

-His class was like milk, it was good for 2 weeks.

-Houston, we have a problem. Space cadet of a teacher, isn't quite attached to earth.

-I would have been better off using the tuition money to heat my apartment last winter.

-Three of my friends got A's in his class and my friends are dumb.

-Emotional scarring may fade away, but that big fat F on your transcript won't.

-Evil computer science teaching robot who crushes humans for pleasure.

-Miserable professor - I wish I could sum him up without foul language.

-Instant amnesia walking into this class. I swear he breathes sleeping gas.

-BORING! But I learned there are 137 tiles on the ceiling.

-Not only is the book a better teacher, it also has a better personality.

-Teaches well, invites questions and then insults you for 20 minutes.

-This teacher was a firecracker in a pond of slithery tadpoles.

-I learned how to hate a language I already know.

-Very good course, because I only went to one class.

-He will destroy you like an academic ninja. -Bring a pillow.

-Your pillow will need a pillow.

-If I was tested on her family, I would have gotten an A.

-She hates you already.



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