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Once there was a boy named Jimmy, and he walked in on his parents having sex. And he heard "boobs and penises", and he asked his parents what it ment and they said it means coats and jackets.

Then Jimmy walked downstiars and saw his sister talking on the phone, and then he heard his sister say, "Bitches and Bastards", he asked what it ment, and she said it means boys and girls.

Jimmy then walked upstairs and saw his big brother shaving and he cut himself and yelled out, "SHIT!", Jimmy then asked what it meant, and his brother said it meant shaving cream.

Jimmy then walked into the kitchen and saw his mom cutting the turkey for dinner, she cut her finger and yelled out, "FUCK!", Jimmy asked what it meant, and his mom said it means to cut.

Then the doorbell rang and he went to answer the door, he opened the door and he said, "Hello bitches and bastards, may i take your boobs and penises? My brother's upstairs putting shit on his face, and my mom's in the kitchen fucking a turkey."


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by THE BIG MAN 1+ years ago

Fuck you faggot

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