Pregnant Woman

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There is a husband and a wife. The wife has three children inside of her stomach and her husband wants nothing to do with his upcoming family. So when the wife goes into labor, she tells her husband to take to the hospital. He replies, " Screw you, I don't want anything to do with this." And so he drives off in their only car.

In deep pain, the wife decides that she has to walk to the hospital. She takes a back alley way to get there as a shortcut. In the alley way she runs into a guy and he turns around and shoots her three times in the stomach. Even with the three bullets inside her , she makes it to the hospital. She gives birth to two girls and one guy.

Sixteen years later one of her daughters comes out screaming, "Mom, mom guess what! I just pissed out a bullet!" So she tells her what happened sixteen years ago. Then a couple minutes later her other daughter comes out screaming, "Mom, mom guess what! I just pissed out a bullet! Then she tells her what happened sixteen years ago. Soon after that, her son comes out and says, "Mom, guess what! She butts in and says, "Let me guess, you pissed out a bullet. He says, "No. I was just jacking off and I shot the dog.


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by Duckerdoo 1+ years ago

rofl. 8/10 pg13

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CDKET_Pregnant Woman

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