Three Boys Baptised

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Three little boys walked past a field near a church where a group of children was playing. When the boys asked if they could join them, one little girl replied, "We're not allowed to play with you 'cause you aren't baptised!"

Feeling left out, the boys decided to go get baptised, and found their way into the church basement through the back door. There, they found a custodian who asked what they were doing in the church. The boys replied, "We're here to get baptised!"

The custodian tried to explain that only the pastor did the baptisms at certain times, but the boys were insistent that they needed to be baptised right away so they could play with the church children. So, the custodian herded them into the bathroom, dipped each of their heads into the toilet bowl, told them they were baptised, and sent them on their way.

While outside, the boys, excited about their new status, began to wonder what church they now belonged to:

One remarked, "Well, we aren't baptis'es 'cause when they're baptised, they dunk their whole bodies."

The second one said, "And we aren't Cat'lics, 'cause they just get sprinkled."

After an instant, the third jumped up and exclaimed, "I know! We must be 'piscopalians!"


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