Doing bad things in water

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Once there was a girl and a boy the girl's name was sindiyona & the boy's name was mike

there were about of 16-17 years

They were standing were besides a lake there was a very big tree between them,as they could not see oneanother.Sindiyona was putting lipstick,on the other side Mike was playing with a ball.

By mistake sindiyona's hand tripped and lipstick fell in water.same with mike and his ball also tripped in water

Ensuring that no was there Mike removed his clothes and jumped in the water Seeing no one around sindiyona removed her top,then removed her Bra and jumped into the water.

As they were finding there things Sindiyona found something ,it was something 6'inches long She thought it was her lipstich and starts putting on her lips. It was actually his(Mike's) penis...

Mike found something very round and shapy,he thought it was his ball and starts playing with it. it was actually Sindiyana's sexy breast's

They were fidling with it for a long time

Then in the noon they realize all the from the morning to noon

They were just having SEX in the lake.......


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CDDCK_Doing bad things in water

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