Blond Girl Goes to Hell

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A Brunette and a redhead go to heaven, but St. Peter says: Sorry, we're full, so you gotta go to hell instead. So they go to hell. The devil says, i'm in a generous mood today, so if you can each beat me at a game of Blackjack, i'll let you go free. They agree. The Brunette has a 5 and 7, the redhead, a 8 and king, but the devil has a 10 and an ace. He damns them to hell. Suddenly, a blond girl comes out of nowhere and says, you can't just send my friends to hell! SO then the devil says, ok, i'll turn your friends into 100 poker chips, the red ones are for your redheaded friend, and the brown ones are for your brunette friend. But be warned, if you lose a chip, you lose a part of your friend's souls, so it will be like dying peice by peice for them. The redhead and brunette, knowing that the blonde girl was bad at gambling, says, bet all 100 chips at once and save us the suffering. So the Blonde pushes all the chips into the center and the devil checks it. He deals out a hand and the blonde says, got any threes? Then the devil gets angry and flips over his cards (an ace and ten) saying, you idiot,we're not playing go fish! It's blackjack! You're supposed to make your cards =21! So then the devil deals out a new hand since he showed her his cards, and the blonde says again, got any sevens? The devil flips over his cards again (an ace and jack) and angrily explains the game again. He deals out another new hand and the blonde says, got any eights? This time, the devil is really pissed, so he chucks the cards in the blondes face and starts screaming. The blonde gives back his cards (an ace and queen) and the devil, after a few minutes, calms down and deals another hand. This time, the blonde says, hey, every single time, you always have blackjack, if it wasn't for my dumb luck you would've beat me 3 times over; i think you're cheating! The devil denies it, so the blond says again, Oh yeah, then i bet all 100 chips that you have blackjack again. The devil says, oh yeah, well for your information 1)we're playing blackjack, not guess the card and 2)i have a 7 and 4, not blackjack. The blond hands over every single chip she bet with the devil and says "Bowl"


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by Taxon n. 1+ years ago

i dont get it

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