Seeing eye dogs

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Two girls are walking their dogs when they see a bar. The girls, Emma and Rhea want to enter the bar so they get into the line.

Emma says " Why are we here, They won't let us in with our dogs" Rhea says" Don't worry I have a plan, just follow my lead" Nearing the front of the line Rhea puts on her sunglasses and walks with her doberman out in front of her. She is about to enter the bar when the bodyguard stops her and says "What are you doing" Rhea replies " I am going in the bar to get a drink" The Bodyguard says" Hey you can't bring a dog in there" and Rhea with her hands on her hips says "Well he's my seeing eye dog and I need him" So the bodyguard lets her in.

Emma follows by putting on her sunglasses and walking with her dog out in front of her and the bodyguard says " What are you doing" She replies " I am going in the bar to get a drink." The bodyguard says " Lady you can't bring a dog in there" and Emma replies " Well he's my seeing eye dog and i need him" The bodyguard looks at the dog then gives her a wierd look and says " Miss, do you know that's a Chihuaha" Emma [pausing for a second] says "WHAT! THEY GAVE ME A CHIHUAHA!!!!"


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