Commercial Boy

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There was this boy who loved to watch commercials. So one day he went ouside because a TV show was on then he went back inside to watch the commercials. It was a condom ad that said uh-ha uh-ha uh-ha uh-ha uh-ha. The next one was a silverware and gun selling ad and it said Forks and Knives and a BB Gun. The third commercial was for Glade and it said plug it in plug it in. So he went back outside and he saw a police officer about to knock on the door and he said "Son did you kill these women?" And the boy responded uh-ha uh-ha uh-ha uh-ha uh-ha. So then the police officer asked what he killed him with and he said Forks and Knives and a BB Gun. So the police officer said that if he took him down to the station that he would be put in the electric chair. So the boy finally responded plug it in plug it in.


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CD92I_Commercial Boy

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