Strangest Names.

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Here are some very strange, and true, last names i have encountered through my life.

1. Michael Semen.

2. Aron Wigger.

3. Gary Gaylord.

4. Mrs. Greececox.

5. Anthony White (He's black)

6. Dylan Brown (He's white.)

7. Elizabeth Mozzerella.

8. Ayona Hat (as in, I own a hat.)

9. Tommy Hilfiger (Yes, a kid named Tommy Hilfiger.)

10. Mr. Balcok.


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by Lee W. 1+ years ago

What about the NASCAR driver Dick Trickle or the australian touring car driver Dick Johnson?

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by shatira l. 1+ years ago

theres a company somewhere called Gaylord

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by jess f. 1+ years ago

I know a guy named Seymore Seman.

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by Ashley E. 1+ years ago

we have a substitute teacher in our school district and his name is dick semen

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