State Slogans

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Alabama: At least we're not Mississippi

Alaska: 11,563 eskimos can't be wrong

Arizona: But it's dry heat!

Arkansas: Next stop, Big Boulder!

California: As seen on TV

Colorado: Don't ski? Don't bother.

Connecticut: Like Massachusetts, but dirtier and with less character.

Deleware: We like chemicals in our water.

Florida: Ask us about our grandkids.

Georgia: Without Atlanta, we're Alabama!

Hawaii: Death to those land-loving scoundrels!

Idaho: We're more than just potatoes! Well, actually, no, not really, but our potatoes sure are good!

Illinois: Please don't pronounce the 's'

Indiana: 20 Billion years tidal wave free!

Iowa: Don't even bother.

Kansas: The government owes us a lot.

Kentucky: 10,000 people, 7 last names.

Louisiana: We're not all cajun drunks, but that's our tourist campaign.

Maine: We may be cold, but we've got cheap lobster.

Maryland: The thinking man's Deleware.

Massachusetts: Our taxes are cheaper than Sweden!

Michigan: We've formed an alliance with Canada.

Minnesota: Land of 10,000 lakes and 10,000,000,000,000 mosquitoes.

Mississippi: Makes you feel better about your own state.

Montana: Home of open spaces and very little else.

Nebraska: Don't even bother.

Nevada: Whores and casinos galore!

New Jersey: You want a fuckin' motto? I've got your fuckin' motto right here, bitch!

New Hampshire: Go away! Leave us alone!

New Mexico: Que?

New York: Let's step in horse shit.

North Carolina: Tobbacco is a vegetable.

North Dakota: Yes, we're a state.

Ohio: We wish we were in Michigan.

Oklahoma: Like the play only no singing.

Oregon: Spotted owl, it's what's for dinner.

Pennsylvania: Cook with coal.

Rhode Island: Not really an island.

South Carolina: We never surrendered to the north.

South Dakota: We closer than North Dakota.

Tennessee: The educashun state

Texas: A whole 'nother country.

Utah: What do you want from us?

Vermont: Yep.

Virginia: The drunken man's D.C.

Washington: Help! We're overrun by slackers!

Washington D.C.: Wanna be mayor?

Wisconsin: Let's take a shit.

Wyoming: Wynot?



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