Yo' Momma Jokes #1

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1. Yo' Momma's so fat, that when she fell, I tried not to laugh, but the ground started cracking up.

2.Yo' Momma's so stupid, she thought a quarter back was a refund.

3. Yo' Momma's so stupid, that when we told her it's chilly outside, she went out with a boul and spoon.

4.Yo' Momma's so poor, that when Iasked her if I can go to the bathroom, she said pick a corner.

5. Yo' Momma's so stupid, that when hte doctor said she's going to die in 3 days, she bought herself a life saver.

6. Yo' Momma's so stupid that when someone said you fill your car up with gas, she started farting into hte car.

7. Yo' Momma's so stupid, That when your dad said that he's going to pump her out, she got the bike pump.

8. Yo' Momma's so stupid, that when your dad said he's going to drill her out, she bought a drill.

9. Yo' Momma's so fat... well, i dont know is she's fat or skinny because i never met the guy.

10. Yo' Momma's so stupid, that when she saw whales, she said "come family!"

11. Yo momma's so fat, that she uses a tree as a toothpick.

12. Yo' Momma's so ugly, that when she went to compete for the ugliest person in the world, the people said they don't accept professionals.

13. Yo' Momma's so ugly, she made a blind person cry.

14. Yo' Momma's so ugly, that instead of her crying while she was cutting the onions, the onions were crying for a ugly person like her was cutting her.

15. Tell your mom to stop changing her lipstick, or soon I'll have a rainbow colored dick!

16. Yo' Momma's so ugly, she won the worlds ugliest MAN contest.

17. Yo' Momma's so ugly, she was only allowed to play Zorror the MASKED man in a play.

18. Yo' Momma's like a brick, heavy, hard, and laid by mexicans.

19. Yo' Momma's like a lightbulb, everyone can tun her on.

20. Yo' Momma was the real cause of the tsunami.

21. Yo' Momma's so fat, that when she fel off a building, she sunk atlantis the lsot city.

22. Yo' Momma's like a vacume, she sucks, she blows, and is laid in the closet.

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CD3EV_Yo' Momma Jokes #1

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