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The Martian Invader

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One cool night, two martians landed near a gas station. Not knowing what humans look like, the martians mistook the gas pumps for people. The first martian approached the pump, pulled out his taser, and told it to take him to it's leader. The gas pump did not reply, and the second martian told the first, "That is one bad mother fucker."

The first looked at the second and just shook his head, raised his taser again, this time saying, "Take me to your leader or else." Again the pump gave no reply, and the second martian said, "Man, that is a bad mother fucker."

The first again gave the second a bad look, raised his taser again, giving a final warning to the gas pump. "Take me to your leader or I will blow you to shit!" Again, no reply from the gas pump. The first martian now pulls the trigger on his taser, blowing up the pump, the gas station, the space ship, and knocking the aliens back a few hundred feet.

The second martian sits up, dusts off, and exclaims in great excitement, "That was one BAD mother fucker!" The first martian is annoyed beyond belief by now, sits up, dusts off and says, "I blew his ass up, and you are still carrying on with the bad mother fucker, what makes him such a bad mother fucker? Why aren't I a bad mother fucker?"

The second replies, "If you could wrap your dick around your body three times and stick it in your ear, you WOULD be a bad mother fucker!


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