Checking for headlights

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Marie Stevens was driving on the highway when a police car drives by and asks her to pull over.

Marie wonders "What do they want this time?"

Marie was a sleek looking woman, and many men were attracted to her, (and she knew why), but what she didnt notice was that her car windows were too dark too see inside.

She looks out through her driver's window and sees the cops whispering to each other, talking quietly.

Marie smirked as a nervous cop stepped out of the passenger's seat and headed over to her car.

She rolled down her window and asks the officer temptingly, "What seems to be the problem officer?"

Instantly, the officer reaches into the car and starts feeling down her shirt.

Marie screams, "What the hell??!! Get the fuck away from me you bastard!!"

Out of the background she could hear the other officer running towards them shouting, "Marcus, no no!! Stop!! That's not what i meant when i said check for headlights!!"


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