Oingo Boingo

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Three men where hacking their way through the jungle when they were set upon by a group of canibals.

They were hog-tied and brought to the wise chief.

"We give you a choice, either death or Oingo Boingo."

The first guy said "That's easy, Oingo Boingo."

The Chief yelled "Oingo Boingo!" and suddenly the entire tribe started dancing and chanting "Oingo Boingo, Oingo Boingo" and the man was taken to the center of the village and was savagely raped by every member of the tribe.

After this was over the Chief turned to the second man, and said "Death or Oingo Boingo?"

The second man pondered it for a few seconds and said "I have too much to live for, I'll take Oingo Boingo." So once again they sprung into action, repeating the chanting and the raping.

Finally they came to the third man, and he was offered the same choice.

"No way I'm letting anyone rape me... I will take death."

Suddenly the entire tribe fell silent in shock to his decision and all eyes were on the Chief.

"You choose death, so death it is...death...by Oingo Boingo."


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