Dead Blonde!

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On an expidition were ten people. As part of a challenge, they were sent to a cliff which they had to climb down, but there was only 1 way they could get down, by using a rope that led from the top of the cliff right the way to the bottom. The problem with this was the rope was only sturdy enough to take the weight of 9 people, otherwise the rope would fray and snap.

So they had to sacrifice of someone. They all decided that as th only brunette, she should be the one who was sacrificed.

Then all of the blondes started climbing down the rope and the brunette said "You are obviously far more superior than me and are a great influence to society. Therefore it will be an honour to sacrifice myself for you."

And with that the blondes clapped at their greatness.


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CCRMH_Dead Blonde!

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