Greatest Dog

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One day a blind man was walking along the side walk along with his guide dog.The blind man wanted to cross the road so then he indicated to his guide dog to cross, while the blind man was crossing a man watched the blind man and his dog cross the road. cars were swerving breaing and skidding past the man it was a mess there were piles of cars everywhere, fortunatley the blind man crossed the road unscratched. When the man watching saw the Blind man patting his guide dog on the head he was surprised and decided he needed to talk to the blind man and ask why he was patting his dog on the head , when he aproached the man and asked him why he was patting his dog the blind man responded: PETTING HIM?? I'm just trying to find the dog's ass so I can stick my foot in it so it'll learn how to cross a friggin road.


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