What to say to a jerk cop

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True story:

It was about a year ago when I was driving down the freeway a week or so after I got my drivers liscense, I was 17. I noticed a cop had been following me. The whole time he was right behind me or about 2 car lengths away. He did that for about 20 miles. He FINALLY pulled me over right as I approached my offramp. He walked up to my window with this huge smile on his face but acting like a total dick and told me he pulled me over for a broken tail light. He followed me for 20 miles for a broken tail light?

I didn't like how he was acting so smug with that stupid smerk on his face and winking at me, and followed me so far for something so stupid. So as I handed him my liscense I asked him if I would get in trouble if I called him an asshole. He said "well, I could arrest you for that!" So then I asked him if I would get in trouble if I "thought" he was an asshole. So he said "Well I have no control over thoughts." So I said "Well I THINK you're an asshole."

He then handed me my fix-it ticket and I drove off.


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