The Slave

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There was once this guy named John who was poor. He was married and had 3 kids. He needed help getting money, so he posted an add in the newspaper

"Need Job with good pay, willing to work all day. Most jobs acceptable"

The next day he got a few interests, but none that he really wanted. The next day he posted in the news paper

"Need job willing to work day and night for good pay call 777-7777"

He recieved a call from a guy named Vincent. Vincent was a rich guy. John, noing Vincent was a rich guy, was relieved that he had found a job. In Vincents message, he said that he wanted to meet John first.

The next day, John went to Vincents house, the discousion went like this

Vincent---John, as you know, I am rich, so I will be able to pay you allot of money, but the job is pretty tough...

John--->Ok, Ok, I just need money, I can work anytime of day or night....What's the job?

Vincent--->Well, one of my "slaves" just quit, so I need a new one....

John--->Sorry, I already have a wife.


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