now your fucked

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there was this girl who didnt have no arms or legs. she had juss got outta the desert. she hadnt had sex in years.

one day while she was walking a man passed her .she said 'mister could you please have sex with me. i have been in the desert for years and have not hAD sex.'

the man juss ignored her.

the next day another man passed her and she asked the same of him but he ignored her as well.

finally on the 3rd day the last man walked by her. she said to him 'oh please mister will you please fuck me i have been in the desert for many years and have not had sex.'

the man thoght about it for a minute and then went over to her picked her up and threw her in the lake. then he said 'you wanted to be fucked now you really are fucked!'


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CCI9E_now your fucked

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