Absinthe side effect

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So this guy walked into a bar, sat down, and ordered a beer. A few minutes later, another guy sat down next to him and ordered another beer for himself. The guys got to talking, and eventually they had to leave. They decided that in a year and a day they would meet back at that same bar, and discuss any new liquors that they had found.

A year and a day later, they found each other, back at the bar, and the first guy said, "Wow, man, I found the best whiskey ever! It's called Jack Daniels, and it's got the best flavor, everything! Bartender, two shots of Jack Daniels over here, please!"

The guys had their shots, and the second guy agreed that it was wonderful. "However," he said, "I found a better one. It's called Absinthe. Bartender! Two shots of Absinthe, please!"

When they got the shots, the guy said, "Watch out, it's got some odd side effects-they aren't harmful or anything, just odd." So they downed them.

Nothing happened at first, exept the usual magnificent flavor, but then, our hero felt it, unexplicably, unsupressably-he knew that he had to fart. So he did, and instead of the usual BWARRRPPPP!!, it was an equally explosive, "Honda!" He shoved another out, to make sure that he wasn;t dreaming, and sure enough, "Honda!" He was quite taken aback, then said, "Was that what you meant? About odd side effects?"

His buddy nodded gravely, then said, to the complete hilarity of the bar, "Absinthe makes the fart go Honda!"


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by Chazm S. 1+ years ago

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. In case some people don't get it.

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CCI7C_Absinthe side effect

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