2 Queer Guys

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These 2 queer guys had been married for a few years, and they decided they wanted to have a baby. Only, they didn't know how to do it and they didn't want to adopt.

They went to this doctor who told them he would mix their sperm together and find a woman who would be willing to carry the baby for them.

So about nine months later, the 2 queer guys are out in the hall looking at all the babies. And all the babies are screaming and crying, but the queer guys' baby is quiet and smiling, just as happy as can be. The 2 queer guys are saying to each other, "Oh man, I can't wait to take this baby home! Its gonna be such a good baby!"

Right about this time the nurse walks up and says, "Just don't pull the pacifier out of his ass."

This is about the time when you start to wonder how long it took the nurse to figure out how to keep the baby quiet.

Ya think she knew it was the queer guys' baby?


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CCGMW_2 Queer Guys

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