Cold Water

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A young child, maybe 7, was spending the week at his great-grandpa's farm. He had been forewarned not to eat much, but being so young, he just stared off into space.

When he got there for breakfast the first day, he had eggs and bacon. [The child] didn't have much liking, for eggs, so he only ate about half of his meal.

For lunch, The boy noticed that there were still specks of egg and bacon remaining on the plates. He asked his G-Grandpa, "Why are the plates still dirty?" To which He answered, "Well, boy, it's the best cold water can get them. So live with it."

This went on for the rest of the week, each day the plates getting slowly dirtier.

When it came time to go home, His G-Grandpa's dog was blocking the way to his parent's car and wouldn't move. The boy tried to shoo him away, but without success. His G-grandpa just saw what was happening, and said "Cold water! C'mere boy!"


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