Three Dogs in a Vet shop

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There is three dogs in a vet shop.... A Black lab, a Chocolate lab, and a Yellow lab. The yellow lab turns to the black lab and says hey what are you in here for and the black lab says me oh im a digger, everything i see i dig up. I dig up the yard i dig up the couch and the carpet and anything i can get my paws on so the owner figures if they nueter me it will calm me down a little bit. so the yellow lab says well im sorry to hear that that really sucks for you. So then he turns to the choc. lab and says why are you in here and the choc. lab says me im a pisser everything i see i piss on. i piss on the couch i piss on the carpet and on the owners shoes so they figure if they neuter me it will calm me down a little. so the yellow lab says that sucks and sits there quietly. So ten minutes go by and both the choc. and black lab turn to the yellow lab and says well why are you in here. The yellow lab says oh me im a humper. Everything i see i hump i hump the kitchen table leg the sofa legs and the other night the owners wife came out of the shower and bent over and i just couldnt help myself. Then the labs say oh so your here to get neutered to and the yellow lab says nope just here to get my nails trimmed..


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CCEAI_Three Dogs in a Vet shop

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