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This white guy walks into a bar and he starts talking with a black guy who is sitting next to him. After a couple of beers they decide to go take a pee together. As they are in the men's room, the white guy glances at the black's dick.

"Gee, I really wish I had a dick like that," says the white guy.

"Well", says the black, "all you have to do is hit your penis on the bath tab for ten minutes every morning, and you'll get it."

The other guy thanks him for his advice and walks out of the bar.

Some months later they meet again in the same bar, and they start talking.

"Well", says the black man, "did you take the advice?"

"I did," says the other guy.

"So, let me see."

The white guy lowers his pants and shows him his penis.

"Ha!" says the black guy, "at least you made the color like mine!!" (nikos GR)


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