How too keep someone busy

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Ok, now, to keep someone busy, you'll have to follow these instructions, so READ THE WHOLE THING!!!

First, Lets start with an introduction.

Hi, My name is Alex. What's yours? Wow, I hate that name, it's actually pretty dumb.

But, it's ok, your also ugly, so no ones gonna care about your name, unless they're just as ugly, or uglier.

You, know I find that names these days are, how do you say, well....Childish, and, well, gay.

But, no worries, I'm sure your mom had the same problem. Growing up with a weird name.

But, that's OK.

I mean, there are allot of things in the world, that are OK.

If you think about it, World War 2 was OK. It wasn't great, I mean, no car chaces, but it was OK.

Ninendo is OK, it just dosen't last, y'know? Don't get me wrong, it was fun while it lasted....It just didn't last long.

Allright, I think it's time to prioritize. I should tell you how to keep someone busy?

But how can I trust that you will actually keep someone busy.....Huh? How do I know your not gonna use this information too bring down aliens from mars...This is useful information. But...I guess you should know...

Well, if you really want to know, scroll down.



you suck at this, more.

Ok, well, I've thought it over, and, I think I can tell you.....That my arm is itchy and I'm scratching it. So, scroll down.


Scroll down

Ok.....I think you've scrolled down far enough.....Or have you? I don't know, I have my thoughts about you. I think your stupid. Yeah, that's right, your stupid. Anyways, scroll down if you want too know how too keep someone busy. Or, just exit if your annoyed.

Ok, I think we all know where this is going, at the end I'll be like "Well, too keep someone busy, let them read this". Well....YOUR WRONG! I promise you, after you read all this, you WILL know how too keep someone busy...Scroll down!!


Ok, I was thinking. Where did someone come up with the idea, too drink from a cow. I mean, seariously, did someone just say "I'm gonna drink whatever the hell comes outta that thing". I mean, really....Scroll down.

There are allot of ways too keep someone busy....But first, I need to know what the plastic thing on the end of a shoelace is...........

Let me look it up...Scroll down

Ok, it's called an eglett. I'm not sure that's how you spell it, but whatever. Scroll Down

I think I know who the first man on the moon was. Neil Armstrong? Or is that the biker....No, wait that's Lance Armstrong. Wow, that's a popular name, I wonder if they have strong arms. I don't think so, cause I have a friend who's name is Nikki Arstrong, and he's not too strong, I mean, he's not weak, but he's not ripped. So, he's not literally "Armstrong". He's more like "ArmSortakindastrong". Scroll down

Ok, this is getting boring for me, so I might as well tell you how to keep someone busy. Scroll down to find out.

Ok, to keep someone busy...............Wait, I forget...Ah, never mind then. Bye!


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