A reason to kill your wife if you wanna have an affair

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A guy comes back home from his work,he opens the door and starts walking up the stairs.Suddenly he hears his wife screaming in his room and goes faster,then he opens the door and his wife is in bed with another guy(OF COURSE)the wife stops sucking the other guys dick wildly and looks at her husband,she says"this means nothing!it's just sex!"so the guy asks her if she loves him and she says "of course i do,but i want to have fucking wild sex with someone younger,skinnier and better looking than you ,ok?"the guy suddenly grabs his baseball bat and starts killing his wife with it by smashing her skull hitting her like an animal,then he says to the other guy"here's yor money,it's been a pleasure makingdeals with you" and gives him ten hundred dollar bills.


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CC2BQ_A reason to kill your wife if you wanna have an affair

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