Earlier Today at Sony Headquarters...

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President of Sony: So what's on my schedule for today?

Assistant: Well sir,we've successfully created a shortage of the PlayStation 2, which is causing riots worldwide. So far in the United States, thousands of casualties have been reported as gamers fight fiercely for positions in line at various retail outlets around the country.

President: Excellent, excellent, and for tomorrow?

Assistant: (Flipping through schedule) Tomorrow we'll set ssome brush fires on the west coast, cause a major earthquake under an orphanage in New Delhi, and then announce a recall on the American PS2 machines.

President: Ah, yes. The recall was a stroke of genius don't you think?

Assistant: Of course sir. (Listens to headset phone for a second) Oh, and Satan is on line three-it's about our bid on Hell.

President: Tell him that's our final offer. If he doesn't like it, tell him that's all he's going to get for that outdated operation of his.


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CBXLL_Earlier Today at Sony Headquarters...

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