Cold Water

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Johny's parents are getting a divorce, so while it's being figured out they send him to the countryside with his uncle. They didn't know this uncle well, but since he was the only relation available, they sent their son there anyway.

Johny arrived at the farm where his uncle lived just in time for dinner. His uncle had gotten him a special, unused, plastic plate, because he didn't have any kids of his own.

Dinner was pasta with tomato sauce and was delicious. Johny went to bed happy.

The next morning Johny had breakfast with his uncle and couldn't help noticing that there was some tomato sauce still on his plate as he ate his eggs. He asked his uncle "Are these plates really clean?" The uncle replied "They're as clean as cold waeter can get them."

At lunch he saw some tomato sauce on his plate, and some egg. Again, he asked "Are you sure these plates are clean?" Again, the uncle replied "They're as clean as cold water can get them."

After lunch, Jimmy's uncle showed him around the farm. After a long walk, his uncle said "Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Meet my dog, Cold Water."


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