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Fly hovering above water

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One day out in the woods there is a fly hovering 6 inches above the water, and there is a fish in the water thinking if that fly drops down 6 inches he could eat him and over on the shore there is a bear and he sees all this and thinks if this all happens he could et the fish and about 200 yards behind the bear there is a hunter and he sees all this and says if this happens he could get the bear and behind the hunter there is a cheese sandwhich and behind the sandwich there is a mouse and he sees all this and he says if this all happens he could get the sandwhich and behind the mouse there is a cat and he sees all this and says if this all happends he could get th mouse so oddly enough this all happens fish gets the fly bear gets the fish hunter gets the bear mouse gets the sandwhich cat jumps for the mouse and over jumps and lands in the lakeso whats the morral of the story . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dont let your fly down six inches or your pussy will get wet


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CBP0B_Fly hovering above water

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