Once there was a man called Fred and he had a problem. He had no job and he was an alcaholic. Every night at about 7.00pm he would go out to his local pub just down the road from where he lived. When he got to the pub each day he would drink on arverage 20 pints of beer. After he got back he would usually throw up due to how much he had drunk. One night though he had 32 pints of beer, When he got back from the pub he found to his astonishment a pidgeon had flew into his kitchen threw the window. After Fred chased it out he felt sick, he rushed to the window and leaned out. after a minute he threw up vilantly in fact so vilantly his head bigan to spin out of control and then the sides of his mouth began to split. Finally his head exploded under the volume of vommit...... and the moral of the story is, think dont drink.


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