One day a man walked into a market leading a donkey. After he had the donkey tied up he shouted "I'll give £1000 to anybody that can make my donkey show any emotion at all." So people came and tried to make the donkey show some emotion. At the end of the day when the market was closing up a man said to the donkey's owner, i can make your donkey show something, so he walked up to the donkey and whispered something in his ear and suddenly the donkey started to laugh! The donkeys owner said wow! heres your £1000 but i bet you another £10000 that you cant do it again! So the man walked back up to the donkey showed him something and the donkey started to cry. As the man was writing the cheque he said hey how did you do it? And the man said, "easy, to make him laugh i said i bet you my dick is biggger that yours and to make him cry i showed hiM!"


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